About us

Mission: Focusing on Beans, Leaning Thinking, Nourshing Environment and Humans.

Our Values: Leading Future Food, Nourishing Environment and Humans.

New Pont was founded in 2021, and is a technology-based company. In the future, we will focus on the development and transformation of new technology about plant-based food and new resources food. The company has widely united with the domestic and foreign universities, scientific research institutes and key technical engineers of enterprises to promote new resources of plant-based food, solve the shortage of protein and fat supply, and contribute talents to human future food.

The company has owned the unique technology of various kinds of protein products such as soybean, pea, mung bean, eagle bean, etc., and has prepared and cooperated with more than ten protein factories. We have a very wide range of product sales and marketing channels, the products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries.

newpont office building

Team people

“New Pont has an amazing team of hard working professionals.

An Bailey


17 years of working experience in food raw materials, with factory safety, environment, quality, process, R&D and personnel management experience

Ling Ling Tian Florendo


Rich experience in plant-based technology development, product transformation, quality control, production efficiency improvement, cost reduction, etc.

Jean Chen


Plant protein application research scientist, responsible for the development and transformation of plant-based product applications



17 years of experience in international trade and business operations of food raw materials, responsible for international trade business negotiations, etc.

Crane Liu

Technical Adviser

Mainly engaged in the research on the comprehensive processing and utilization of beans and grains and the development of healthy food.