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New Pont cuts in with plant-based protein replacement, and continuously improves the final product form, taste, structure, texture, taste, nutritional structure, etc. through the model of the whole industry chain solution, and promotes the research and development and production of upstream raw materials by the final product. It completely solves the problems of backward upstream raw material links and weak R&D strength, fundamentally innovates, and finally provides complete solutions to customers.

Raw material production and supply

1. Vegetable protein products: soy protein isolate, soy protein concentrate, soy protein granules, soy protein powder, soy protein for vegetable meat, wet/dry brushed protein, pea protein, soybean fiber, etc.

2. Customized production: According to the customer’s localized market demand, customized production of raw materials.

equipment & production process

1. Product research and development capabilities: basic research and development of grain, oil & protein, plant protein product research and development, extrusion equipment process research and development, terminal food research and development (plant-based food, meat products, beverages, bakery products and other fields.

2. Plant-based terminal product solutions (plant-based hamburger patties, plant-based chicken nuggets, plant-based sausages, plant-based beef grains, plant-based surimi, etc.).

3. Development solutions for plant meat leisure snacks.

4. According to different needs, provide the design scheme of equipment production line.

production line

product delivery

1. Whole line delivery of high-humidity plant meat: including equipment, engineering, technology, and products (including plant-based beef, plant-based chicken, plant-based pork, plant-based surimi, etc.).

2. Whole line delivery of dry plant tissue/drawn protein: including equipment, engineering, technology, products, etc.

3. Whole line delivery of restructured terminal plant meat products: including equipment, technology, products, etc.

4. High-end vegetable protein technology and production line delivery: production of multiple categories of single or combined protein products such as quinoa, oats, potatoes, chickpeas, and peas.

Provide plant-based food raw materials and related solutions

Large-scale cost reduction and sustainable protein production are urgently needed for innovation and development